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Accelerated Evolution

Smash Bros


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Live it

Like it

Love it

This game is so good, I am making it an honorary rpg.

and thus, making a thread about it in my club.


Cause I can.

and Roy and Marth tell me to.

as do Mario, Luigi, Peach, Link, Zelda, Ganon, Bowser, and the Pokemon.


all from rpgs...

Yep, justified!

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To be honest, as long as they don't add any more mario related characters I'll be happy. Though if they go the way of the clone characters again, I'd love to have Samus in her Fusion suit. That way I'd have all that fire power but perhaps quicker and more agile....I would be a god......

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So, you'd like to have Samus, but overpowered? :huh:

Yes, yes I would, though no doubt her attacks would be weakened as a trade off. It has always been my dream to see Samus the winner at tounys along with the likes of Marth and Shiek

And yes, you are right Scar, except about the missles, but a man can dream can he not?

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You're probably right. Nintendo has so many cool characters that they're just neglecting. I would seriously love for their to be less Mario characters and less Pokemon. I mean, did we really need both Mario and Dr. Mario? They could have just made Mario's doctor outfit an alternate costume instead of making a whole new character.

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