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Movies that I may watch in the near future...


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Because GPS sort of demanded it. Post movies that you plan to watch in the near future and maybe get some people's reactions beforehand to see if they are worth buying/renting/even watching.

I finally rented Tae Guk Gi. I like history, and this is apparently very good and relatively accurate to history.

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I assume this is only for movies that we haven't seen before. Because I've been thinking about Serenity all day, but I don't need any responses to it because I've seen it before and I know that I love it.

That being said, I don't have plans to watch any new movies right now. I might look into some of Kurosawa's films that aren't period films at some point in the near future, but right now I'm focusing on getting into comics.

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Well I just got a checking account and the first thing I got was a subscription to Netflix.

My first two movies arrived today, "Mississippi Mermaid" and "Badlands."

I got "Badlands" because my dad (who has very good taste in movies) absolutely adores Terrence Malick's work.

My decision to rent "Mississippi Mermaid" was based on the fact that Truffaut directed it and Lindsay's suggestion that I see it .

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Fistful of Dollars

A Few Dollars More


Django Kill!

Dead Man

I need to see all these movies in the near future to get ideas for the western movie my friend mike and I are writing.

Don't forget to watch Brokeback Mountain.

Oh, and I want to watch the Star Trek movies, all of them, in order soon.

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But the Star Trek bad movies are WATCHABLE


It's like when DS9 comes on and you're like: "Oh, man. DS9 is on" But you watch it anyway.

Well, I think Episode One and a few parts of Episode Two are watchable.

But, yes, I make sure to watch anything Trek when it is on.

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I actually kinda like DS9... More than Voyager, anyway.

As for the Star Trek movies, I haven't seen the first one in too long to remember.

Wrath of Khan is, of course, excellent.

Search For Spock is fun but not as good as II or VI.

Voyage Home is just hilarious. Plus it's the first one I ever saw.

Final Frontier is silly. Don't like it too much, but I'll watch it for the sake of completeness.

Undiscovered Country is probably the best.

Generations is okay. About on par with Search for Spock in terms of my feelings on it. Well, I think I like Search for Spock more, because it has Klingons.

First Contact is the best of the Next Generation movies.

Insurrection is Insurrection.

And Nemesis is interesting, but green. Oh so green.

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