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I think I'm going to end up re-reading Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time" series sometime soon here. I really need a break from reading such heavy fiction.

How are they? I've wanted to read those for a loooooong time. I have an autographed copy of Winter's Heart somewhere. I never read it though, because I want to read New Spring & Eye Of The World first.

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The Wheel of Time kinda pisses me off. But I'm no friend to stupidly long fantasy series, and that's why (still, I think it's better than any of the others I've dabbled in). It would've been a good series, I think, if it had been brought to conclusion in the first three, but it just kept going and the main characters didn't really accomplish anything.

...All that being said it's got some serious nostalgia value and I might look into it again. It is incredibly light reading, I remember finishing the books in only a few days, and these books are stupidly, stupidly long. Like into the thousands of pages. I'm a pretty fast reader but I'm not that fast.

Anyway, I got about halfway through Crossroads of Twilight and just stopped reading. That was a little while after it came out, so I doubt I'll be picking it up anytime soon.

What I think is, if the series ever ends then I'll read it again, just to get some conclusion. As it is... I dunno.

EDIT: All that being said, the prose is pretty good and there are some very imaginative ideas at work. I just got sooo overloaded on it.

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WoT isn't nearly as frustrating as most people made it out to be. I thought the writing was SUPERB up through the first 6 books, and then it did tend to plod a bit. But the characters, save a few who shall remain nameless, are top notch and as such didn't wear on me too much. With THAT said, I am still a few books behind, but I'll be caught up by the time the last book comes out. That's for sure.

With that said, A Song of Ice and Fire DESTROYS WoT. :headbang:

As for me, I'm about to START reading HP7. A bit behind the times, but hey, I just finished book 6 last night. I'm trying to get as much LEISURE reading done right now as I can, since in a couple weeks academia is going to be stopping ANY opportunity to read fun stuff. Not that Baltic history isn't FASCINATING and all. :hardgay:

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Well maybe if you stopped reading captain underpants and posting about it a thousand fucking times you could. Wait...if you meant "and" by "but"..cause your sentance makes no sense. Forget it.

Hirthy you make no sense.

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