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Accelerated Evolution

well whaddya know

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welp, I wandered back in here after stumbling across my old SN that is no longer active for here.

Just in case you're wondering I'm Mormorgaiel from Anime Nation and Morrie from here.

Now for all the newbies...meet Fluffy-chan!!! dun dun DUN!!!

Anyhoo, so I'm sure I'll see you all around. Much love to all my lovelies!! *snuggles and wuggles and steals some booty* Arrrrrr!

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the welcome was meant with the upmost love. the back... i just couldn't do it with a clear conscience. it's this damn cold volcano logic of mine, saying "wait, was she ever here in the first place?" o_O

like, i can't go to alaska and be like "hey guys i'm back!" they'll look at me and say "welcome...uh... back?", and send me out to chase george bush out of their yard again

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