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I thought it might be fun to try this. This is meant as a serious review thread for whole series (anime and manga) and/or OVA's and feature films. If you're posting a little blurb or something, use the Recommendations thread.



Hanaukyo Maids: La verite

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Director: Nonaka Takuya

Episodes/Running Length : 12/276m

Release: 2004

Like many other anime series, both Hanaukyo Maids productions started as a Manga written by Morishige. Although there is only the one Manga, two seperate series were Produced. The fanservice filled, but plot lacking Hanaukyo Maids: Tai, and Hanukyo Maids: La Verite. This review is of the later of the two.


Hanaukyo Maids starts off with a rather uninspired little story. Taro Hanaukyo has recently lost his mother, and is now alone in the world. He has been invited to live with his Grandfather in his mansion. The series opens with Taro at his mothers grave explaining this, and then turning to leave. At this point, he bumps into Mariel, the head of the maids in the Hanaukyo mansion.

Though the first half of the series follows a fairly episodic pace, and and is more focused on establishing setting then anything, the second half is all story. And a fairly good one too boot. Conspiracy, action, and romance rolled into a nice little bundle.


Could have been a little better, but that would require more episodes out of the series. Overall, it was fun, but left me wanting a little bit more.


We of course have Taro, and Mariel, but we're soon introduced to Cynthia/Grace, Konoe, Ikyou, Ryouko and the Lemon, Malon, Mellon triplets. All of whom are rather interesting (Not to mention nose bleed inducing). For the most part, the comedic relief is brought on by the triplets, while everybody else experiences major roles in the plot development on a whole.

This format works well, and allows for some really good character development - especially on Konoe's part.


Extremely crisp and clean. Everything is well detailed, the character animations flow well, the backgrounds are colourful and well rounded, and everything has its own distinct look, style, and feel. Which is surprising, given that Tai (The earlier of the two series) had horrendous animation.


I really did enjoy this series. A neat plot, excellent animation, decent build to a good romance between Mariel and Taro came together well to make up a short series I really enjoyed. And despite it having been two years since the release, I'm still left hopeful for a second season or some OVA's.


Score Card:

Story: 8.5/10

Pacing: 8.5/10

Characters: 9/10

Animation: 9/10

Overall(Not an Average): 9/10

Verdict: Watch it if you need a light comedy, or an interesting drama.

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