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Suggestions for my next RPGs


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So in the last few days, I have brought out my copy of FFX to finish it, have started Kingdom Hearts, and plan to start both FFVII and FFIX very soon. However, I just read the "Your top 5 RPGs of 2005" thread, and I am now wondering if I should do what I have planned, or if I should go buy some of the RPGs listed in that thread and play them. I had been meaning to buy Dragon Quest VIII, but i figured that I wanted to play these games that everyone but me has played and I would have my hands full. So, the question is, do I play the games that I missed out on years ago so I'm not missing anything from the past, or should I spend money on these new games so I know what people are talking about now, but continue to miss out on old classic RPGs?

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skip FFVII

trust me

play the game by all means, but play it after seeing some of the other titles you can get in yer grasp.

I wouldn't want wanyone to neglect FFVII, I mean I'd want to play it sure.

but try Suikoden 1 and 2 and THEN play FFVII, and see what the difference is.

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So, reviewing the list of 2005 RPGs again, I'm thinking I'll go for either Alter Iris, Digital Devil Saga, Dragon Quest VIII, or FFIV. Any suggestions as to which one (first)?

Hmm, that is a hard choice because those are all good games. FFIV is a classic that everyone should play eventually. Atelier Iris... well, I haven't played it a lot. But if you want a beautiful 2D RPG, it's a good choice. Dragon Quest VIII is very epic and immersive, and it will take you about 9 million hours to finish. Digital Devil Saga is your best bet if you're looking for something a little more strategy-driven than your average RPG. It's a great game, but you'll really need to play both in order to get the most out of it, and the first one is sort of hard to find. Plus, if cost is an issue, it'll be your most expensive choice.

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