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Gotta catch them all!


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It's a gawd damn rpg, let us not kid ourselves.

I hate the fucking idea of it all...........

I mean

They are cute

and You get to catch them

and the whole point is to raise strong ones and fight yer freinds.......

RPG meets Fighting games...

the concept makes me sick

and the stories are outlandish

and the pokemon are too cute

but we all know

that one time in our life

we have

touched one of these

Gawd forsaken games..........


the least I could do is...

make a thread for the series...


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I love Pokemon :D Last year in math class I was sick of math so I asked if I could make a short presentation and the teacher was like "sure" and I asked a volunteer to tally for me and I was going to name all the pokemon but I only got to like 116. xD That was the best part though because all these random people in the back I didn't think would know were standing up like "ELECTABUZZ!!!!1"

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I'd agree with you Akito but what happens when each has pokemon at level 100? Its a sad sad thing that I know this but once level is not a factor a great deal of planning and thought goes into choosing your monsters and the moves they will have.

I remember Lacks use to come up with new ideas every day....

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Also, its the only rpg I know of that uses an actual system

for stat gaining based on how you play the game.

Depending on which enemies you fight, you gain different attributes.

But its limited in such a way that you can only do so much,

so finding a Pokemon with the best base stats is still important.


Its very complex if you choose to delve into its depths,

but its perfectly simple if you just want to play.

I wish more RPGs would do soemthing like this.

But, then again, other RPGs are more concerned with silly stuff like...

story, and characters, and graphics, and you know...that kinda stuff.

The sort of things Pokemon has never really bothered with.

Anyway, the upcoming DS releases are supposed to have online play,

THAT would be something that could really expand the game.

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or Deoyx or Celebi or Jirachi

let us not forget those....

or both Ho-oh and Lugia

and both Groudon and Kyorge

and................Latios and Latias

those are only obtainable by buying both copies of the games.... and playing both games up to the piont of obtaining them.

.........this of course, negating something about Emerald, or those other "after" games, since I have never waited to play those.

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He goes for speed records, does he not?

Anyway, I agree with the not expanding past red/blue to a degree. I did greatly enjoy my copy of silver, but I still don't know all the ones from that generation, and I think ruby/sapphire had entirely too many and I though Fire Red/Leaf Green were a joke when I first heard they were remaking the originals.

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I am naming my friends, pals and what not in the game....

here are the people I have come up with thus far.......

(not naming any friends after Legendaries)

Lacks - Primeape

Fezz - Starryu

Ravi - Pikachu

Super - Jigglypuff (evil he is!)

Fern - Snorlax

Elky - Golem

DRL - Skarmory (when I get one.)

Me - Golduck

Bell - Bellsprout (inventive!)

and....tons more of nicknames will be given when I think of good ones!

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The hell with catching them all, all I ever wanted each time a new set came out was to beable to, at best, bring my old ones over and at worst catch my favorites from the old ones to fight alongside new favorites. But if the last set has taught me anything its that I'll have to catch the damn things over again.

If anything it discourages me from buying the new ones more than anything...

And you damn well better make me a Starmie Scar

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If Nintendo was SMART, they'd figure out a way to transfer the GBA game Pokemon over to the Pearl and Diamond.... since I mean you CAN have both cartridges plugged into one system at a time. That way "linking up" with another human being wouldn't be necessary.

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