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what film/tv ep did you last watch?

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I last watched "The 400 Blows", which I didn't really like or dislike, (it's sort of a matter of seeing the story being done many times before: troubled teenage delinquent) except I loved the scenes of Antoine in jail and riding in the police car. And of course the end shot. I like that new wave films always end curtly and leave you with a "huh" type feeling.

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The Last Movie I saw was Suicide Club; it isn't new but I just bought it on DVD; I wanted the unrated version.

Sion Sono is GAWD. Next to Takeshi Kitano; best foreign film directors EVAH!

I need to get more stuff from Sion Sono, this guys awesome. So long have I waited for a director to add SYMBOLIC references to a movie rather than following the typical anatomy of a movie. This movie is, in my opinion, the best movie I've seen this year.

I don't think many people would like this movie because without looking at its symbolism it's just a strange movie, just casually killing themselves. I just love this movie <3<3

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Kingdom of Heaven.

I know, shut up. :( Wait..! No, it was Lord of War. Nicolas Cage is so hot. As was the guy who played his brother. <3

batman begins

sure it was rad, but not NEARLY as rad as everyone made it out to be. i'm pretty stoked that i didn't blow $10 seeing it in a theatre

I second this. :D I did not understand why everyone was building it up to be a fantastic movie. It was fun, he was hot (so was Cillian Murphy), but it was nowhere near as good as I thought it would be. Maybe people just led me to overestimate it. Thankfully, I only spent $1 watching it at the dollar theatre. ^_^

Is Corpse Bride worth a watch for $1?

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