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what film/tv ep did you last watch?


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But I don;t really like it when people compare alien and aliens. the only thing they really have in common is the galaxy and name.

Alien is a birllant sci-fi horror while aliens is a sci-fi action.

Yeah. I think they're both excellent movies in their own way; remember that a lot of those cliches were started by Aliens, so, yeah.

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Sicko -- it was alright. Clearly a propaganda film and anyone who watches it should engage in their own research and form their own opinions -- but I think nearly everyone can agree that America's health system is fucked. Some of his jokes were pretty funny. The movie appealed too much to "personal stories" of OMG THIS IS SO SAD rather than having, you know, facts.

Harry Potter and the whatever of whatever (the latest one) -- It was alright. Some of the dialog was super awkward and some of the acting was pretty bad, but overall I enjoyed it.

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