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what film/tv ep did you last watch?


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escape from new york.

not as good as i remember, and a lot of editing mistakes/lame acting/etc.

for the most part tho the cinematography was pretty good.

i heard they might be making a remake or a prequel to it, with out kurt russel.

they should just make a video game out of it. that would be great.

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GTFO my internets.

That movie was even better than Escape from NY (which is an excellent movie).

no sir, you GTFO my internets.

escape from ny was way better solely on the fact that he didn't surf on a tsunami to catch up with steve bucsemi who JUST shot him in the leg.

if the film didn't focus so much on having the EXACT same plot as the first and emphasized more on the themes of government control that come in to play near the end of the movie it could have been much better (and ya know, just cut out the whole surfing scene).

with that said, i did enjoy the ending and thought that was very cool.

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Um actually they may have not had that much face time but they did play an important role in the progression of the movie.

Example when silent bob put the tape into the VCR showing the Shannon Hamilton (played by Ben Affleck ) was fucking the 15 year old girl that helped Jason Lee character get his girl back.

Also when Jay got those two contestants stoned so that Jeremy London's character and Jason Lee character get on the game show that T.S. Quint (played by Jeremy London) get his girl back.

another example to show that i was watching the movie for all of you doubters is that When Rene Mosier broke up with Brodie Bruce. Brodie was playing a SEGA hockey game as the Hartford Whalers and beating the Flyers 12 to 2 in the second period.

Nuff Said

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