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what film/tv ep did you last watch?


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escape from new york.

not as good as i remember, and a lot of editing mistakes/lame acting/etc.

for the most part tho the cinematography was pretty good.

i heard they might be making a remake or a prequel to it, with out kurt russel.

they should just make a video game out of it. that would be great.

They did it's called Metal Gear Solid/2

also how could you not like the transformers movie. Maybe it was fanboyism but I loved that movie.

Humans don't deserve to live

They deserve to choose for themselves

Then you will die WITH THEM!

The only problem I had with that movie was that they went from joking to serious way to quickly throughout the movie. it was liek joke (minor lol/big lol) okay but seriously guys get the robots and save the world or we die (joke).

Other then that I really enjoyed that movie.

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Thanks to your post you made me want to re-watch that movie.

I went on this maze liek walkign simulator thing in japan based on sky high. Let me tell you. Most scariest fucking thing I have ever taken part in. Walkign down a very dark corridor then BAM blooded hand/doll woman pops out the wall and grabs you. Walking down a hall way then suddenly GETTING CHASED BY BLOODIED UP JAPANESE WOMAN INA WEDDING DRESS.

Then there was the whole woman in wedding dress all bloodied up hanign from the ceiling part. And then random bursts of air shoot down your back while your walking. Seriously scariest fucking thing ever. When the woman chased us my friend scott almost (apart from shiting himself threw me into the woman to try and get ahead of me. Seriously awesome \m/

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