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what film/tv ep did you last watch?


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Four Lions

That movie is an amazing piece of dark comedy cinema. The training camp as well as the police trying to figure out what honey monster was had me in some laughter.

Black Swan

NOM NOM NOM scene need I say more

That Mitchell and Web Situation

Basically an early version of That Mitchell and Webb look that ran for one series.

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A pretty good movie that proves that Van Damme can actually act. The whole "talk directly to the camera" bit was a bit unnecessary and a bit silly, kind of like if Van Damme added it in their to make his real life persona seem like less of a douche.


A great performance from the lead actor but it just seemed really out of focus and all over the place plot wise. I can easily see this guy playing a good Bane in the next Batman movie though.

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Time Bandits

A fun movie but that ending was a bit weird.

I mean the kids parents blow up because they touched that rock o' evil and then we fade out into the map then the credits. His parents where dicks and all but he is now effectively homeless and an orphan

Clockwork Orange:

Not as epic as I was thinking it would be but still good. Also I needed to read the wiki on the book to figure out what happened in the last scene


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The copy I had was pretty good. Audio was kind of annoying, and it would have been nice to get the subs for what the singers were singing.

By the end I didn't think it was that crazy of a movie. The first hour had me wondering if there really was a point. Overall I found it to be worthwhile, relevant, and rather relatable.

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Requiem for a Dream.

i'll never be able to hear Keith David's voice without thinking of double ended black dildos now. :(

I can't watch Labyrinth again without thinking Jennifer is willing to take it up the pooper to get her brother back.

Primer - Fucking astounding and so addictive. This movie I now watch on a weekly basis.

I'm Here (a love story in an absolute world) - Really cool short movie

Enter The Void - It's Gasper Noe you know it's gonna be awesome and trippy....no rape this time.

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