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A Free Internet?

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The Struggle for Net Freedom

A new fight is brewing over the future of communications in the United States. It pits the nation's largest cable and telephone companies against those who believe the Internet should support the free and independent flow of ideas.

Broadband is the battleground. As more Americans upgrade to high-speed Internet connections, the companies that control the "pipes" are plotting out new ways to profit from the demand. The telco and cable giants want to fence off the Internet: one area for the haves — who will pay a premium to enjoy life in the fast lane — and the other for the have-nots.

The innovation and creativity of the Internet are the result of its foundation as an open roadway. At serious risk is the idea of "network neutrality" — a guiding principle of the Internet that ensures all users can access the content or run the applications and devices of their choice. Corporate greed threatens to bring the Internet’s promise of advanced communications for all to a screeching halt.

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Servers and network maintenance along with the cost of maintaining the lines themselves all cost money, that’s why the internet is not free.

I would love a free internet though, just that won't be happening soon.

I don't mean "free" free, just read the two links in my first post.

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:huh: Huh?

They want someone to pay again for the bw used and payed for by you through your ISP. (The sites in this case.)

You pay your ISP every month for the net. ISPs give you/buy/rent bw from (or as ) tier 1 ISP networks for their customers. Web sites buy/pay for bw for their servers, just like you do. You pay to get to use the net and sites pay to get to put things on it and have people be able to see it.

But now these ISPs and tier 1 ISPs want to start doing a number of things which would change that. Things like:

* Give bw and network preference to sites and users that use their services. Even going as far as forcing their use over another or blocking/slowing down others and even charging more for the use of others. (I.E. Music downloads, web search, and just about everything else.)

* Fence off the net into a basic and premium type setup for bw, network performance and even use. (Blocking off parts of the net.)

* Turn the information super highway into an information toll road. Where everybody pays for having the net and pays for everything they do on it as well.

* Force sites to pay more for the bw used by their visitors. (On top of the money they payed for that same bw in the first place and the money their users payed to thier ISP.) * See tolls ^*

* Start charging even more for the download of large files or even any files over a few megs. Charging for any and all streaming video and audio uses and other stuff like that.

I'm not going to go through everything but the list goes on.



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