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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


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So, this game is just over 2 weeks away, and we've gotten a few hands-on articles from various game jounralists, who here is planning on getting it? Even though I hated Morrowind, I spent about 80 hours on it, probably more than on any other game except perhaps Pokemon Blue, and I'm almost certainly going to get Oblivion, though this time for PC, not Xbox.

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I'll get it on XBox as I don't want to bother with upgrading my PC to shave off a couple seconds off the loading time.

Plus it's too tempting with the PC to just pull up the console and spawn a Golden Saint.

Or to boost your stats and go around pillaging villages like a fucking viking. Sucks that the city guards scale their stats to beat yours, though.

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They never got close with 100 jumping ability and a Daedric Bow. Or items enchanted for 100% chameleon.

Took forever to find the command to create Daedric Arrows though.

Full chameleon was nice, but even with more than 100% some people could still see you. In the xbox version, I enchanted a set of exquisit clothes and rings to give me 120% and powerful enemies could still see me.

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If the battle system is completely different from Morrowind I don't really see a problem.

Not even completely different, but if its just much more fast paced and involved.

Oh, and the Magic system could stand to get a bit of boost, since it was a little (or a lot) on the lame side.

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