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Accelerated Evolution

You know you're a Star Trek addict when....

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..."foreplay" means reinacting the battle of Molor and Kahless with your mate.

...while taking about historical battle in history class you bring up "The Battle of Wolf 359".

...you ask College Board to send your SAT scores to Starfleet Academy.

...you check your back every night for an off switch.

...you refer to a non-trekkie as "Borg" or "Romulan".

Go nuts

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...you hum the "TNG" theme song with your friends in public places.

...you hear the word assimilate in class and get really excited.

...you yell "KHAAAAN" when angry.

...you yell "KHAAAAN" when happy.

Do I get cool points for yelling "KHAAAN" whenever my friend mentions his great aunt connie? (he calls her Con.. she lives with his family so whenever im over, or were talking about her we all now refer to her as 'aunt KHAAAN")

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