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Accelerated Evolution

DarkStar 64's 'The Fifth System'

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Well I noticed in artie (DarkStar 64)'s AE profile he had a link to a science fiction story he's writing.

Hope he doesnt mind that im posting the link, but I figure it's a better way for people to read his stuff and tell him what they think.

I just got done with chapter 1, and although theyres grammer, spelling errors and whatnot it's still a pretty cool little story. Gonna finish off the other 3 chapters posted thus far.


(DarkStar 64 is a kid from my school, so thats how I know em)

Also, by reading it, the story seems to be highly influenced by star trek wankery.

I could be wrong, so I'll let him post his main inspirations for this.. but it reminded me of it alot.

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He must masterbate over star trek.


yea it is very influenced by Star Trek although it is not related to star trek at all. yea well my spelling and grammar (spelling?) sucks. meh, that is jsut a rough thing. i am writing chapter 5 now. meh, i am changing alot too.

and yea i do post, just not alot.

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