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what are you superstitious about? (animals, weather, time of day, day of week, things your mom told you, etc)

I am superstitious about numbers! I get bad feelings about a lot of numbers and try to avoid them (doesn't turn out well on math tests lol lol)

I also always have to pick up the penny but that's just inner "hey it's money" "but it's only a penny" "BE GRATEFUL" dialogue xD

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weeeell...I don't know if it is a superstition, but I always expect crazy behavior on the night of the full moon. Hasn't been wrong yet.

I don't have a way of explaining the crazy behavior the other nights...

Don't you see?

Crazy guy: Darn it, where is the bright shining full moon!? Grr, it makes me so mad. Crazy behavior time!

*full moon*

Crazy guy: Whoo, a full moon! I would be calm, but I'm so excited that it is finally here! Crazy behavior time!

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I throw salt over my shoulder.

I only use d20's that have served me well in the past and if they start rolling badly I will put them in a separate bag, never to be used by me, only to be loaned out to others. I believe implicitly that some dice dislike me and like other people. Whenever I get new dice I have to play at least one gaming session with them before I trust them and allow them to be in the same bag as my other dice.

I also always sleep in, panic because I need to get somewhere, and end up there early, worried about how late I am. I suppose it would help if I checked clocks more often but really, I dislike clocks.

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Nope, can't think of anything. I'm not superstitious at all.

Except for, you know, throwing salt over my shoulder, crossing my fingers when I pass a graveyard, not walking under ladders, avoiding black cats, knocking on wood, saying "white rabbits" on the first, picking four leafed clovers, and having lucky numbers. Otherwise nothing.

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I'm sure I do some things absentmindedly. I used to do a lot of things, but I've mostly grown out of it. (I'm also not sure if it was superstition or neuroticism.)

saying "white rabbits" on the first
Would playing White Rabbit on the first work?

And the white knight is talking backwards,

And the Red Queen is "Off with her head",

Remember what the doormouse said:

"Feed your head" "feed your head"!

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