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Accelerated Evolution

Molten Centrifuge (my band) Release


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K so we FINALLY got something recorded over the weekend. This is our song Book of the Living. I'm gonna warn you, it does sound like an amateur recording because that's what it is. The drums sound really nice though. And there's about ten seconds of silence in the begining because we didn't get around to recording the intro.

Derek- Lead Guitar (and on bass for this recording)

Me- Rhythm Guitar

Scott- Drums


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Well young man, I believe that there is some possible future here. Yes. However, it seems like the drummer kinda goes off key on occasion. Yes. A little more work & you guys should be able to bang this out good.

Seems like "The Pilows" has influenced you a bit? ( ^o^)

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I figured you'd have a band that sounds exactly like Dir En Grey for some reason, seems like it would fit.

With that said, I really really like your stuff. Keep up the good work, then after you guys get alot of materal come to connecticut and you can open up for my band at a show :biggrin:

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