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Accelerated Evolution

Fire Emblem


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I recently downloaded a ROM of this game and I've been intending to buy it. The only issue was that, tragically, my GBA had disapeared.

However, recently I found it! This is excellent news (for me) and I'll be tracking down a copy presently. I played through about the first chapter when I played it, so I got introduced to some of the basic gameplay elements, which I loved. My friend described it to me as "Dragon Quest + Advance Wars." Even though I love both of those games, I never really played this game. It seems excellent.

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Nintendo Power hasn't given a game a bad rating since Ballz 2.0 came out.

Anyways, my calender says it comes out today, which means it comes out tomorrow. I haven't heard any news about it getting pushed back. Then again, I haven't kept up with release dates.

I also kinda need a Wii in order to play this game. lol

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so I have it. (FESD) It's real...... old feeling.

No support conversations or anything fun like that.

Some characters are vastly overpowered then others.

while other characters tend to get horrible level ups.

In the end, for being the first in the series...it feels about right.

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