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What do you want for Christmas?


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- funky socks

- funky pens/pencils

- more clothes lol

- 2 pairs boots (already ordered :D)

- mom to get the sewing machine fixed >> (it's been broken since april wtf)

- ummm plastic jewelry is always good

- as are starbucks giftcards since I am a corporate whore xD

EDIT: OTAKU NO VIDEO! XDD THAT BRINGS BACK MEMORIES! I bought it like five years ago and me and katherine watched it like "omg we are anime nerdz~!" And then her mom accidentally returned it to the video store even though it wasn't a video rental ("I hate it when that happens.")

- oh I also want another fun watch, I dropped my hello kitty one in a lake :D

- I'm not asking for all this btw xD

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better graphics card

better motherboard

DVD burner

maybe some more RAM (I need a better computer)

fix my mp3 player

gitaroo man

Call of Duty 2

Battlefield 2

Chopin and Beethoven piano sheet music

a coupon or something for a Revolution (I would wait 'till next christmas, but I really want one at launch)

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D’espairsRay – Garnet CD

D’espairsRay – Coll:set CD

D’espairsRay – Gemini CD

Beginner Piano Books

Jrock, Ink. : A Concise Report on 40 of the Biggest Rock Acts in Japan Stop looking at me!!

and that dollfie from LUTS~

:D I know I'm not going to get the vast majority of the stuff. I'm probably only going to get the beginner piano books. Cause were poor like that~ D:

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I wouldn't ask for that Jrock Ink book. I've heard it isn't really all that good and the info in it is basically written like a research paper (read: boring). I read the part she wrote on Diru and it wasn't very good. She even compared them to Marliyn Manson D<. Plus all the info can be found online.

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