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Zombie Apocalypse


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Anyway, I'm planing to run a Zombie Apocalypse game using The Window (<-- All information on the system is here) Anyone interested in playing please post here.

A couple details...

1. It will probably be set in Flint, MI simply because I know the city and the whole place already looks Post-Apocalyptic.

2. Death should be a very real thing, that is, characters will be dying. That doesn't mean you won't get to play anymore when your character dies. It takes less then 5 minutes to create a basic character with The Window so you'll be back in the action as soon as I can introduce your new character, just don't get too attached.

3. This game probably won't be too long, its partly a test run to see how well this whole concept will run on the forums here. If people really like it however, I will continue running it.

4. I'm open to ideas, just throw them my way.

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Make sure when creating your characters to include the Sanity Trait as detailed in the Optional Rules section of the .pdf. This is a horror type setting and your characters should encounter things that would extremely unsettle or disturbed them so Sanity checks might be required from time to time. Also include in your Bio a couple of places your character would most likely spend his/her time so I can begin planing the nature in which the characters rendezvous.

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