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Official Iron Kingdoms Thread.


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First, check out some of this art. Matt Wilson is one of the creators of the my favorite campaign setting, the Iron Kingdoms. This is a setting for d20 Campaigns, but also for their miniatures game, WARMACHINE, which I also play.

The general idea is that it's a steampunk-fantasy game. There's magic, but there's also technology, which is in some cases more advanced than our own. The average person lives as they might have during the late 19th century, but the setting is so in-depth that there's a big difference.


www.privateerpress.com <-- Publishers of this stuff.

www.buccaneerbass.com <-- Fansite.

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I HIGHLY revommend anyone who's at all interested in this type of setting to check it out. most of the rules are very well made, and it's a great setting with a really good feel to it. It has a whole history that is actually interesting to read, as you might see if you pick up the IK World Guide, which has no rules and is dedicated entirely to fluff that is interesting enough to make me want to read the thing cover to cover.

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Oh, yes, I'll look for that and bring it in to school tomorrow.

Yes, the two main books are the Character Guide and the World Guide. The Character Guide contains all the rules and things characters need to know (religions, languages, magic, a basic overview of the different countries). You still need the DND 3.5 PHB, but whatever. And then the World Guide has absolutely no rules and is just one part history, a chapter on industry and trade, and then a series of chapters going indepth on every city in every country in the world.

It's awesome.

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Lucky for you I have a PDF of the Character Guide somewhere on my computer. I'll look for it and load it onto yousendit or something of the sort, and if I can't find it Ceraziefish should have it.

EDIT: What's your email?

EDIT AGAIN: Or I could just look at your profile. Silly me.

ONE MORE TIME: If anyone else wants the character guide, here's the yousendit link: http://s26.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=33NV365...M73LUH5SI44LCR9

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Yeah, I would love to do some gaming.

I think some gaming by IRC might be ideal, I dunno, but then we have to deal with timing; but even with message board roleplaying it's only really awesome if you're on at the same time as someone else.

We should probably try and find a time we can all agree on.

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Can my character have a spell called fire in the sky?

Okay but seriously people someone will have to help me. after eyas of not playing I feel like a complete noob. Considering I onyl started playing a few years agao and only ever played twice.

Although I did ravage a dead orc, touched one inappropriately, then missed it's head butt and got hugged instead.

Then the next time I played was in a more serious manor and I rolled 3 natural 20's consecutively oh I shizamed a boss in one hit.

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Yeah, I'd be down for something like this.

IK isn't that hard to explain, I'll write up a short thing later on. All you need to know right now is that it's pretty much a steampunk setting, where wars are fought with giant robots controlled by specialized magicians called warcasters. Most of the cool things in the setting come from the fusing of magic and technology. For example, rather than your standard fantasy "flaming sword" you might have a sword that's been alchemically treated to leave burning wounds (or something like that). Rather than a gun that's magically enhanced, it has technology, including arcane batteries, to improve it.

I'll go look through the premades on Buccaneer Bass and see what I can come up with.

Basically, SC, the most important decisions (since I'm more of a roleplayer than a gamer, in that I care more about the character interaction than the rules) are your race and class.

Races: Human (there are a ton of different ethnicities that I'll go into in a different post -- they're all pretty well developed and interesting)

Rhulfolk (dwarves -- pretty standard fantasy dwarves. They make ridiculously awesome weapons and machinery, etc. They have their own nation in the north but are spread across the other kingdoms)

Goblins (come in two varieties; gobbers, who are more intelligent and quicker on their feet, and bogrin, who are more aggressive, eat meat, stronger, etc. Both experience a lot of racism)

Iosans (elves -- like in LOTR, the elves have come and gone as a significant race. Their gods are all dying, in fact, only one of the pantheon of 12 is left, and she is in a coma.

Nyss (winter elves -- in a similar situation to normal elves, except not only are their gods dying, they're stuck way the fuck up north with no technology. Basically hunter-gatherers, who are AWESOME)

Ogrun (imagine a mix of orc and ogre. Aggressive, strong, and HUGE. These are the only large-sized race you can play as, all others are medium or small. Historically and culturally, ogrun are allied with the dwarves)

Trollkin (they're like normal trolls, but not dumb as hell, a bit smaller, and capable of living in polite society. Normal trolls still exist, but it's similar to the difference between, say, humans and gorillas or something.)

On to the classes! We've got standard d20 classes, like












Although a number of these are changed from their standard d20 iterations (most notably ranger and druid).

There are also a few IK-specific classes.

Gun Mage -- essentially a sorcerer with less spellcasting power but more attack power -- they use guns (usually pistols) to channel their spells and can do some crazy tricks with them.

Arcane Mechanik -- A wizard naturalized to the IK setting. Gets less spells than a normal wizard, but more skills and abilities to work with machinery. One of my favorite classes.

Bodger -- Kind of like an arcane mechanik without spellcasting ability. Instead, they have the ability to "be the Fonz" and hit machinery to make it work for 1d4 rounds (they have a few other abilities like this)

Fell Caller -- Trollkin only, just a really badass bard who taps into trollkin culture to be awesome.

I think I'm going to run a low-level game because I don't want to deal with prestige classes.

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