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what are you getting people for christmas?


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20$ gift card for Lowe's for my mom

candy for my friends

probably another gift card for my dad to blockbuster or something.

???? for my boyfriend

You really hate your boyfriend. What with you giving oral sex to Mith twice and all. You probably know what you're getting Mith too.

I got a book about Italian Painters (Forget the exact title) on sale at B&N for my dad. I don't know what else I'm buying anyone.

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I don't know if I'm gonna give Brett his stuff on his bday or Xmas. Cause I owe him a bday present from last year (cause Amazon never got it in) and I told him I was gonna give him two this year. I think I'll just give it to him on his bday. Anyway it's this cool shirt from Revolt that will match this jacket he's got and the Sharkskin Man and Peach Hip Girl dvd (that was the gift I was supposed to get him last year).

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- Sister: Chronicles of Narnia books.

- Mom: It'll double as her bday gift since Xmas and her bday are just two days apart but I think I'll get her a bag.

- Dad: Carlos Santana's new CD and one of those funny desk calendars.

- Secret Santa: Build-A-Bear? Everyone loves Build-A-Bears. Or one of those shot glasses with funny captions on them.

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