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Okay, I have a bunch of stuff I don't want and I just remembered a lot of people here like manga and anime so I figured some of you might want it. Post/PM the posters if you're intorested, I can probably only send out so many things since shipping is an issue/you all can't pay me back :P. I'll wrap it all nice like a present though!

for manga:

random old Inuyasha/Wish (3 of 4?)/Ayashi no Ceres (1-4)/Dragon Knights/Angelic Layer (1-2)/Marmalade Boy (1-2) volumes? Also, Evangelion books 6 and 2, and X/1999 book 1 (man that series is weird.) And some tenchi muyo book that I bought cause everyone else liked it. (GPS don't you like Washu or something?)

And also anime, the first Cardcaptor Sakura movie

Artbooks: nothing D:

Other people if you have things you don't want post it also ^^

note: gundam wing & love hina eps went to SD, AMG OAVs went to TBO, artbook to makil :D I am a good person!

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And also anime, Gundam Wing eps 1-10 and the whole Oh my Goddess OAVs, and the last Love Hina DVD (they sent me it by accident xD)

I'm interested in that stuff! Mostly the Gundam episodes and the last Love Hina DVD. =D

Should I PM you or what? Are you giving it to me?! Because if you are, that's awesome.

Oh yeah, there's only one thing I have that I'm willing to give away... Fruits Basket manga vol. 1, because while everyone else seems to like it I thought it was awful.

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manga: http://www.listerx.net/browse.asp?SR=43&FL=192


snowdrop vol 1

she the ultimate weapon (saikano) vol 1

marmalade boy vol 2

as for anime:

1-2 of his and her circumstances

marmalade boy boxsets 1 and 2

cowboy bebop vols 3+5

X vol 1-2

chobits vol 2

GTO first season boxset

tenchi oav (not sure which one, but tenchi and his dad go to a hot spring with the girls and the ending theme is ryoki singing or something.)

Fish in the Trap/Lesson XX OAV (it's an old VHS fansub)

Love Hina vol 1-2

Fruits Basket vol 1-3


Samurai X OAV and FLCL vol 1 promised to Makil

azumanga daioh manga vol 1 to amy

fruits basket artbook to britt

Fruits Basket DVD # 4 and Lain DVD vol 1-2 promised to autumn

season 1 of ranma 1/2 promised to SD

evangelion vol 1-2 vol 1 of gravitation to crube

the slayers boxset to dorkon

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hahahah you have digimon! XDD I want to request it but I heard the manga sucked.

edit: and the weird volume of X with the beefy guy in the yellow clothes ahahahhaha

why are you giving away paradise kiss man D:

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hahahah you have digimon! XDD I want to request it but I heard the manga sucked.


it's just like the american tv show basically they use all the dub names and jokes like "looks like we're not in kansas anymore, toto" or was it "looks like we're not in tokyo anymore, toto"

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I was going to make three bean salad but I ran out of the third bean!

"Did you see that?"

"No, I was sleeping..."


"Maybe his head's been invaded by aliens!"

"I think your head's been invaded by a rock."

"They say that when one gains wisdom, one gains enlightenment, and when one gains enlightment one gains eternal love. Or, at least that's one of the proverbs that flashes on the screen when I'm playing Trigonometry Trivia."

(I have thousands~~)

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