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Grandia II


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I haven't played Grandia 3, but Grandia 2 was my favorite of the furst two games.

Grandia one had a better supporting cast around the MC, and the MC was kinda cool........

Grandia 2 had a pretty bad ass MC and a less interesting supporting cast, but an overall better story.

Both were great games, and grandia Extreme doesn't exist.......


....also, Ryudo is voiced by Cam Clarke.

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Grandia II = well worth your bandwidth. Ryudo will come out and kick your ass if you say differently.

Now, buying it is always an option. I bought it when it first came out, got to the end, and then never finished it. Sad, I know.

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You can still buy new Dreamcasts on Amazon.

The system you can get at EB-X refurbished for 15 bucks.

The games on the other hand are pointless in buying now anyway, stores don't sell them. If you buy them online or from ebay then they are used and giving no profit to the original company anyway.

So just download it.

Im 16 and a half hours into Skies of Arcadia right now, and when I'm done with it Im going to play Grandia II.

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