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Tired of buying crappy manga? So am I. So, list your favorite manga and provide a reason why. Also add what genre you usually read because who knows? You might find someone with the same genre interest as you and you might take their recommendation to heart. Let's help each other sort through the masses of manga and find great ones!

Favorite Genre: Shoujo

Favorite Manga: Jiraishin/Ice Blade

Summary: A cop drama set in gritty Shinjuku. Kyouya is the best detective in Shinjuku, but that doesn't stop people close to him from dying.

Reason: The characters are believable and very complex. It really is dramatic and dark unlike Remote (also a cop drama but more fanservice). Each file digs deep into the human psyche and makes you think of what we're all really capable of.

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I've got a top 3. And I'll do it in your style.

Favorite Genre: Comedy & Action

Manga #3: BLAME!

Summary: A sci-fi manga about a man named Killy who is searching for someone with NTG [Net Terminal Genes]. On his way up the 1,000 story dungeon the manga takes place in, he is forced to take out the silicon creatures who oppose his assent.

Why I like it: First and foremost, the artwork is quite etensive in detail and well done. Very gritty and dark look. The story is interesting to me, even though it may seem boring or cliche by hearing about it.

Manga #2: Hellsing

Summary The manga is quite loosely based on the manga. And even if you haven't seen it: There is an Organization centered in Brittain to combat impure souls of the damned, werewolves, ghouls, what have you. Enter Hellsing, the organization for the job. Lady Integra [always referred to as "Sir" Integra which bugs the shit outta me], heads up this group. Alucard is a vampire that ironically enough works for humans at this place is their sort of trump card. A vampire being perfected over 100 years, he won't go don by traditional means. [Having your head cut off and/or getting shot/stabbed through the heart.] He's a bit more badass than that. Seras Victoria [Reffered to initially as "Police Girl"] a police women turned vampire by choice. She is basically going to die given circumstances [being shot through the lung], so Alucard givers her the option, and she takes him up on it. These characters along with some other main and sub characters whose synopsis' would take forever to explain go on missions to take out the unholy trash so to speak.

Why I like it It's very strange. Vampires, ghouls, werewolves and even Nazis are a common enemy found in this series. The art style is very xaggerated and rough, but it just gives the feel that you're embarking on a darker, more violent read. Even though there are breif periods of comedy, most pannels will be fillled with heavily shaded dramatic fight scenes and buckets of blood. Good for fans of my #1 manga which is, yeah, you guesses it...


Summary You're in for a long one folks, but I'll make it as quick as possible. The anime for this manga was also very loosely based on it's manga. The series anime ends at about volume 12 in the manga. Which is why anime fans bitch that they think the end is "dumb" by their judgement cause "boo hoo we don't read manga like we should." Anyway, this manga is about the story of a man tormented since birth.

Gattsu's village was completely destroyed and all the men and women in it also. However, Gambino, stumbles upon Gattsu as a very young kid. [Don't remeber if he was still a baby or not.] Regardless, over the years, Gambino trains Gattsu to be a mercenary, so that Guts canb fight with Gambino's mercenary band. But one night, Gambino's feeling a might insane and attacks Guts. Gattsu is forced to kill him. The band becomes aware and chases after Gattsu. Gattsu then falls down a sort of cliff and is left for dead. Fast forward: Gattsu is fighting with some other band and kills Bazuso[or was it Pazuso?]. Griffith, leader of the Band of the Hawk. When Gattsu is on his way out, some of the assholes from the Band of the Hawk attack Guts and get killed. Then Caska comes to break it up and Gattsu decides to attack her too. Griffith comes to the rescue. Soon after, Gattsu and Griffith have a battle. The wager? If Guts loses, he gives Griffith whatever he wants. What does Griffith want? Him for them. So, Gattsu inevitably loses. OVer the next mny years, Gattsu grows closer to Griffith. However Griffith has a dream of absolute power. And using the power of the Behelit/King's Egg [There's like 50 names for it.] he means to attain it. After a beat the hell up Griffith is "rescued" he, long story short, wakes up the Behelit. Everyone is now in Hell. Enter the God Hand. The ideal of evil. Four members of the one council. They offer Griffith a proposition: Become one of us and sacrifice all your friends or die, and let them go. Lo and behold, everyone is branded with the sacrificial mark. Gattsu on his neck and Caska on right breast [Yes, it's kind of significant.] Long story short, Griffith is now Femto, 5th member of the God Hand and Gattsu leaving his left arm and Caska's sanity behind, Gattsu is now searching to take out Griffith. Weilding his new Dragonslayer [6-7 ft. sword] and replacing his missing forerm with a cannon/fist/crossbow metal thing, he sets out. He is still tormented by the God Hand and his brand bleeds everytime they are near. Gattsu is now The Black Swordsman and he means friggin business.

Why I like it: This manga is a freakin' epic. It's a sad and dark story of this one guy who's litterally gone to hell and back and he's asking for more. The way this all unfolds is done so intricately. Even is you don't like mass violence in your manga, this story is pure gold. There's alot of action and some sexual overtones now and again, but it's all part of this excellent epic quest. Just look for it next time and read some. And if you can't, I've got scans while I'm waiting for this to be released. [Find me on AIM at TheOLaughingOMan] We're up to Volume 9 here and they're going a bit past 30 from what I understand.

Thanks for reading this long ass post if you did. There's probably gonna be alot of typos. And some of this may be a tad inaccurate because this is just a run-through.

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Favorite Genre: I guess it's kinda action-y.

Favorite Manga: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Summary: Nausicaa, the princess of a small, peaceful country, is thrown headlong into a war, despite her beliefs and wishes. Now she must find a way to stop a war where all sides are growing closer to releasing the most powerful weapons man and nature, past and present, have ever concieved of.

Reason: It freakin' rules. Written and illistrated by Hayao Miyazaki, it is ever evolving, becoming more complex and powerful as the story unfolds.

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Favorite Genre: Don't really have one. Prefer fantasy themes and as everyone here knows, anything with gay boys or suggestive of possible gay boys is a big plus, but I like a little of everything. Although a lot of my favorite series turn out to be slashy shounen.

Favorite manga -

Tactics - supernatural/mystery, slightly slashy shounen - main characters are teh SEKRIT CANON. (Really. Authors of the series have written yaoi doujinshi for them.) But non-yaoi fans will still like it.

Get Backers - Action/Fighting type manga, VERY slashy shounen. LOTS of boobage though, naked women everywhere.

Demon Diary - Fantasy/comedy, an adorable, light shounen-ai, featuring Raenef the Immensely Molestable Demon Lord.

Meru Puri (Marchen Prince) - Het shoujo, fantasy/comedy, I LURVE THIS MANGA SO MUCH.

Bleach - You all know this one already. Well, if you don't you're the most unobservant person on the planet. Supernatural/action type shounen.

Hnn, that's all I can think of at the moment.

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My Favorite Manga~ Nyar har har~

The Wallflower - This series always cracks me up. Sunako-chan is my hero because while she doesn't care what people think of her, she still does at the same time. And add in her hot housemates Kyohei-kun, Takenaga-kun, Ranmaru-kun, and Yukinojo-kun and you've got yourself a manga filled with various nosebleeds, shadowy-scary/chibi Sunako-chan, and so many shoujo sparkles it makes your eyes bleed.

<3 Highly suggest it~ :D Nyahahaha~

Ouran High School Host Club - I just picked this manga up today and I have to say....I was really glad I did~ xD A poor girl named Haruhi goes to a super rich high school called Ouran High School. She just manages to break an $80,000 vase and has to pay it off....by working at the school's HOST CLUB?!? Filled with silly hijinks featuring an always crossdressed Haruhi, so much hinting of shounen-ai that it makes you want to scream, and a pair of twins that are really close. And also add in the fact that there are more rose backgrounds than is perhaps good for your health. :D Good stuff and I plan to get the second volume soon~ XD

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Hiya. Currently I've been taken in by Death Note. What draws me into it is not so much as the deaths, but the reasoning behind them. I like seeing Light's and L's viewpoints as to why Light's murders is/is not justifiable. It has enough humor to lighten up the dark mood without distracting me from the main plot, and it's one of the few mangas I've read that is actually keeping me guessing as to who's going to win the duel.

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