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March Madness


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Its March, the brackets are out, come april some people will have won fortunes, others will have lost.

Who do you want to win, why.

I want WVU, Syracuse, Duke, or Gonzaga in that order. Yes, all of those teams involve white guys who can shoot threes. That's (partly) s coincidence. I like WVU because they shoot almost all threes some games. Cuse is cuse, and what Gmac did was great. Duke may be the favorite, but i just kinda like the team, and gonzaga for keeping reddick from getting all the glory

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I'm a Maryland fan.

But, they have had two disappointing seasons in a row. So... I'm going all out in cheering for Villanova because I <3 Philly... except their pro sports teams. But besides that I <3 Philly.

I think UCONN will win it or Kansas will be like Cuse in 2003.

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George Mason.

Holy fucking shit.

I second that.

I want to see them go all the way. I think the "experts" just shat their pants. "A mid-major in the Final Four! An at large mid-major! Holy shit, we look retarded."

I think they should be forced to watch their own indignation at the valley getting 4 teams. I think this might be the weirdest final four ever. something like an 11, a 4, a 3, and a 2. no 1's. The bookies are either loving it or hating it.

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The women's national championship is the best game, men or women, since the 1st weekend.

And on a positive note for me. MARYLAND ARE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!!!

just for the outcome, Uconn 84 George Mason 86 is the best game this year, not just in the tournament, in college basketball.

don't pay much attention to women's basketball, I have the vague idea that Canisius kicked ass last year but didn't this year, but not much more.

on the more depressing subject, who else lost money in their pools?

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