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Final Fantasy 5 and 6 ADVANCE

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I love FFVI more than almost any RPG. But I'm really looking more forward to this DS FFIII remake I keep hearing about.

It's in 3D!!!

I wonder exactly what'll be like though. Will they improve things on the original game, as in make it not necessary for a massive pilgrimage to Bahamut's Cave before you go in the final level so you can gain like 10 levels? Will they make all jobs serve a purpose besides the 7 that anybody ever uses (Scholar excluded since it only matters for one battle)? Or is it the same game in just 3D?

As for FFV and FFVI Advance. Awesome and all. However, unlike FFIV we more or less had a perfect edition of the games released for PS1. Of course, not everyone has a PS1 so this is good news.

And this is my first post here. Sup all?

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ummm no, the PSX releases of FFV and FFVI were awful. Bugs galore and massive loading times.

If you play them on PS2 there are some bugs, at least the old version. Slimlines are fine for the most part. FFVI actually did have some bugs fixed for the PSX release. The loading times were terrible, and this is something to look for with the GBA editions. Not something I'd shell money out for though.

Oh and I for one like FFV. It's better than FFIII the other "job system" game. Plus X-Death is a pretty crazy fellow.

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It was crazy, I was always terrified to sketch because I never knew what would happen. Once after a sketch I had Kefka and Leo in my party, then the game froze. Another time after a sketch all my guys were Umero and confused, then the game froze.

But as funny as it was, my game always froze, and once when it did, all my data was erased.

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