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Burning Dreamcast games


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It depends on what you program you are using. Just find the "Burn Image" option, select your image file and burn away.

Now, if you want to create a DC image file from an original game that's a little different. I'm pretty sure DiscJuggler and CDClone can do it easily, but it's been forever since i've ripped games for friends.

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I'm trying to burn from images yet every copy I made (about 6) my DC unit can't seem to read and always get a please insert a game disc message. I even tried burning a boot disc yet get the same problem (The Boot Disc also runs into the same problem "please insert yadda yadda").

I've tried using Nero, Magic ISO, WinISO.

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Well then I do not understand. My dreamcast was made in April of 2000, and will play 2 out of the 9 or so I have tried, 2 of which apparently work on my friend's dreamcast. I just today tried downloading the utopia boot disc, which failed to boot the 2 games I had time to try.

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