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Accelerated Evolution

Morrissey - Ringleader of the Tormentors


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I know not many here enjoy Morrissey as much as I do, but I know Darkon grabbed this leak so far atleast.

So what do you guys think of his new masterpiece?

It amazes me how so long after he started with the smiths he's still making such impactful and wonderful music. Deep in lyrical meaning with music with such depth and perfect blend of pop sensibilities.

Best examples are the super catchy "You have killed me", the dark and beautiful sad "Dear God Please Help Me" and the Epic reminiscent of old-school morrissey "Life is a Pigsty"

Every track is superb, the only one I don't quite like as much as the others is "The father who must be killed" but I am sure it will grow on me.

Anyway if you dont have this yet go download it via torrent, or goto the release thread where I posted a 'You Send It'

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