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Accelerated Evolution

This is wonderful (i'm not being sarcastic)


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Venom: This is so dumb, what are you trying to pro-

*A toothbrush is shoved in Venom's face. Venom is taken aback and falls backward over a chair*

*Venom recovers because he happened to be holding a game controller, after pressing two attack buttons he lands safely*

*Venom sees Lindsay is holding a transparent pink toothbrush*

Venom: That's! But... How?

Lindsay: Let me show you something.

*Lindsay pulls a sheet away from an object*

Lindsay: It's a Horn of Plenty. I worked hard on it.

Venom: What's it do?

Lindsay: It's a decoration dummy.

Venom: But what does this have to do with the toothbrush?

Lindsay: Nothing. That's over here.

*walks over to another device and pulls a sheet off of it*

Lindsay: It's a teleportation module!

Venom: My God! This is fabulous! You'll completely revolutionize travel. So you transported to the house and stole the brush? Genius testing event.

Lindsay: What are you rambling about? I teleported the toothbrush. This device is designed to suck toothbrushes from around the world through wormholes to me.

Venom: ...What good is that!?

Lindsay: I'm fashioning a giant robot that will stand at the head of the Dental Association of America. I'll show them for scorning me! A piece of candy corn in your teeth and you're rejected forever! I'll clean the impure and tartar will be nonexistent! HA HA HAH AHAHAHA!

*Venom slowly backs away*

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