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So I'm up late in the wee hours of the morning sipping on a nice hot cup of Earl Grey, and I'm wondering what are AE's members favorite kind of teas and how do you like them prepared?


1. Earl Grey - Hot and plain (i.e. no sugar, milk, etc.)

2. Shou Mei - Iced and plain

3. Lady Grey - Hot and plain

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How so? Orange and cinnamon complement each other nicely. And it smells "christmassy"

In the bakery I have a motto of sorts whenever it comes to that odd combination, skip the middle man and just use nutmeg, because thats what cinnamon tastes like to me when it's combined with a sweet citrus.

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I wholeheartedly endorse chamomile, earl grey, southern sweet, and plain Lipton iced teas. Find them in your groccer's beverage department, but stay the hell away from Arizona and its many varieties of sugarwater.

Arizona iced tea and actual tea should neve be confused. They are entirely different types of beverage.

I can drink just about any type of tea, but Bubble tea is the best

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I don't like British Tea, but I've never had it with milk.

Green Tea is my favorite, as well as other asian tea's. When I used to work at a coffee house I had the ability to try a lot of different tea. White tea is an experience, but expensive as hell.

I also had a blueberry flavored tea that was very good, and it wasn't sweet either it just had the flavor of blueberry.

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